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Starting as a beauty research and review site, Paula’s Choice knows what works. When they launched their own line of products, they focussed on ingredients and formulas backed with research and proven results. That research is a major selling point, and needed to be front and centre for their products.

However users engage most with product detail pages where the options are immediately visible on page load. How then—with such limited space—do we balance the two?

To achieve this, I chose to pair product imagery with the core features of the product, and a call to action to draw the user to that all-important research.



The Need for Speed

Gone are the days of dialup, but speed remains just as crucial for websites today. This is especially true for ecommerce: 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Paula’s Choice needed speed. They wanted it to be fast but had technical constraints that didn’t make it possible to speed up the back-end. Without the ability to actually make it faster, what could we do?

Instead of using the dreaded spinner (which only makes a user realize they’re waiting), we decided to use a load transition and “skeleton” components to make the page content appear like it is instantly being loaded. This provides context to the user, reduces doubt, while buying ourselves a couple more seconds to get that content in there.

PLP Skeleton to Content

PLP Skeleton

Balancing the user’s needs, the customer’s desires, and the technical constraints was no easy task; and on top of it all, I was working an extremely tight timeline. But it all came together. Design was completed—including customer review, feedback, and sign off—in three weeks.

This Project is Live!

If you want to see
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