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Someone doesn’t buy technology because it’s pretty—or at least, it’s not usually the first priority. People buy technology for the features that will serve their needs. And because Ebuyer.com has a reputation as the best place to shop for serious deals on custom computer parts, it’s not just for the casual browser. To best serve their users, the emphasis needed to be on product specifications.

Using progressive disclosure, I improved clarity and reduced clutter while still keeping vital information visible. On the product listing pages, additional specifications unfold beneath each product tile, while on the product detail page the user gets a list of crucial product features without having to delve too deep.


Systems & Documentation

Just as technology needs to be more than pretty, design needs to be more than a gloss. As project design lead, I needed to do more than just create a design that works, I needed create a design system that made sense to the external development team in another time zone.

To serve the team, I needed to make sure the system was logical, polished, and well documented. In addition to the style guide, I wrote extensive notes and interaction mocks for every screen. These tools and reference documents not only served as guides for our development team, but to the designers and project managers that would inherit the maintenance of the project.

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