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Jaybe Allanson wrote a simple yet effective article breaking down the complexity of designing for mobile by comparing it the relatable process of loading a dishwasher. To compliment it, he recruited me to create the accompanying illustrations.


My first hurdle was that, well, dishes aren’t exactly exciting. How could I capture the emotion of the message while also delighting the reader? Simple: put a cat in there! (Alright, I’ll use any opportunity to draw a cat.)

As you follow the article, the cat’s expression reflects the reader’s journey. First, a cheerfully misguided cat sits where he doesn’t belong (as so many cats are wont to do) and becomes the embodiment of “getting it wrong”.

In the next illustration, the cat watches with fascination as someone with experience completes the task correctly and efficiently.


And then to resolve it all, with the dishes clean and a job well done, the cat can sleep contentedly.


This Project is Live!

If you want to see the article for yourself, check it out on Medium.


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