Jacky Gilbertson Jacky Gilbertson


I'm a designer & illustrator living in Vancouver, BC.

It's my face!


Hello, again! I'm Jacky and I live and work in Vancouver, BC… but you already know that! As you can see above, I design engaging experiences and create sharp, thoughtful illustrations. I do my best work when there’s a problem to solve and people to help.

Comfortable with projects large (like Carnival, Crocs, and Christie’s) and small I have experience with all aspects of the design process, including development.

When not in front of the computer, you can find me writing ghost stories or sketching monsters, all while hanging out with my cat.



Have a project I might find interesting?
Want me to draw you something rad?
Just want to share all your cat gifs?

Send it all to hello@jackygilbertson.com


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